Virtual reality headsets like the Rift are going to change education, entertainment, everything. My memory of using the Rift is strange. I feel like I was in the place I experienced. It’s as if my mind remembers it as reality. If you get the chance to try it out, do, it’ll change the way you think about the future and the concept of life.

Remember this when I say this, for many years our forefathers had to shoot at their forefathers and they missed. But when we came along, we shot at their kids and we hit. So if you catch that meaning you’ll understand what I’m saying. Love the fact that she wants to be associated with, love the fact that she’s inspired by. Because we are the inspiration, we are the influence, we are that. So love the fact that she was to be in the world of. Because as big as she is, she is going to give a lot of opportunity to those people from that world that she wants to be in. That’s how I look at it.